"The only thing that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  

Edmund Burke

Action is the final pillar of INsideOUT.  Our mission statement leads to, “INSTILLING A COMMITMENT TO ACTION.”  In as much, we aim to get everyone in on the fight against human trafficking.  The two main components of ACTION are volunteering and donating.  Our goal is to call on every good citizen in the community to either volunteer or donate.  It takes the entire community to fight against the systemic realities that lead to human trafficking. How can you get involved in the fight!?


Our philosophy is for volunteers to find what passions and gifts they have and figure out how that will best fit in to INsideOUT.  In doing so, we aim to release our volunteers to serve with passion and excitement.  Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the work of INsideOUT.  From introductory to high-commitment volunteer positions, INsideOUT seeks to find every volunteer's comfort level.  

Interested in volunteering?


Everyone has an opportunity to give to the fight against human trafficking.  In order for INsideOUT to accomplish our mission, to be sustainable for all of our advocacy program, and to cover organizational overhead, we must call upon all good citizens to give toward the cause.  

Legacy Gift -  Modern Woodman has a LEGACY GIFT set up for INsideOUT.  Any of our clients or individuals who would like can set up a legacy gift.  Upon their passing, INsideOUT will receive a gift.