Our 2023 Projects and Goals

The goals are set to provide working progress and relief for survivors of human trafficking.  It is our goal to get the community actively involved in providing needs and resources for people whose lives are impacted by trafficking.  The 3 goals give a tangible look at what is need and who we can connect our communities.


Our drop-in center will ideally be a place where a person or persons could stay 1 or 2 nights when in crisis.  Also this will be a place when clients can come to shower, do laundry, and get rest.  This will be an undisclosed location with 24 surveillance.  This location will allow for place to teach classes on life skills.

Budget Goal: $25,000

Grant: $10,000- Blueprints $3000=$7000

Budget Revised goal: $15,000

Virtual Reality Training and Awareness

    INsideOUT Cares has connected with Radical Empathy to add a new game changing tool to our training and awareness.  This program works for youth, parents, and adults because it virtually puts you in Lisa’s shoes. Lisa is a 14 year old girl who tells you how she met a boy online who recognized her vulnerabilities and gave her the attention and love she was not receiving from her family and friends. 

It’s a situation that’s all too real, and anyone can fall for it because these traffickers (and abusers) take advantage of what makes us human.  This VR technology take trainings from words on a screen or page and allows the participate to engage with the individual they are hearing from.  

    INsideOUT is raising funding for travel and expense to use this training along with our current curriculum to engage our community organization, schools, and authorities in the real life experience that many face when encountering human trafficking.

Budget Goal: $5000


Salary for out CEO

The key component to any anti-human trafficking organization is a lived experience expert.  Everything that comes from their first hand experience lends to benefiting those who are still engaged in the life in and are looking for someone who can empathize and help them see the hope of getting out.  One way to help survivors thrive is to help them have stability in occupational advancement in what they know best.  Along with providing training and advancement in their career of expertise a salary position from a non-profit that supports these efforts are key.

Budget Goal: $50,000

Similar position

Job Posting for Survivor-Mentor I (With Lived Experience of Human Trafficking) at FLITE Center

Title: Survivor-Mentor I

Full Time Equivalency/Exempt: 40 Hours per week

Salary Range: $46,500 - $50,000

Survivor-Mentor I assists in the assessment of the victim’s needs, and assists in the creation and implementation of a custom, trauma-focused wellness plan. Wellness plans are individualized to the victim’s needs for crisis intervention, recovery services, and support. The Survivor-Mentor I serves as a liaison to identified victims, providing immediate intervention and support once identified. Survivor Mentor I works to optimize the opportunity for the victim to establish a unique bond with a safe, caring person and uses their personal and professional experience to help the team understand what the victim is experiencing and help position, guide and support the victim in the wellness process.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities