FundRaising Event

Dinner and a Movie Night

Come join us for an evening of movie theater Dining and a Movie.  

October 16, 5:00 pm (schedule below)

$20 A PERSON at the Door

100% of the proceeds go to funding

VR human trafficking training and awareness

NEw!!! Virtual Reality Experience

COme early: Doors open at 5:00pm

INsideOUT has partnered with

 Radical Empathy to spread human trafficking awareness and training.  

You can come to Movie theater Dinner and a Movie Night and be the FIRST to experience our new VR experience of a young girl who finds herself TRAPPED.

(Movie will start at 6:00pm)


  •  BBQ Sandwich      Redeeming Love              Silent Auction
  •     Nachos           VR Trapped Experience        Raffle Prizes
  •    Popcorn                                                          50/50 Raffle
  •      Candy