join the 20/20 project!

2020 marks an important year in the life of INsideOUT Cares. Now more than ever, nonprofits need sustainability to survive and thrive. One unique thing about INsideOUT Cares is our salon model. INsideOUT Salon provides much-needed funding to benefit those impacted from human trafficking. 

The goal of the 2020 project is to implement 20/20 vision in the hearts and minds of our community as we come together to fight against human sex trafficking in 2020. This 20/20 vision plan includes the goal of adding another salon (the first of many over the course of the next several years) throughout the Treasure Valley and, ultimately, Idaho. This will create growth and sustainability for INsideOUT Cares, impacting the state and ensuring many survivors will be cared for appropriately for years to come. This can only happen with 20/20 vision!  

Simply commit to donating $20/month to INsideOUT Cares as a part of the 20/20 vision campaign and watch Synergy at work! Together we will accomplish more than we could ever imagine! Each month you can either send a check to the address on the envelope or you can arrange an automatic withdrawal from your account through us.  Donations can be sent to the address below OR automatic withdrawal can be set up HERE.

Note: Each monthly donation in multiples of $20 will receive an additional name on the board. ($40/month is 2 spots on the board).

Note: If you're currently donating $20 or more per month you are already included!

The Project

The goal of the 20/20 project is to fill up a wall in our main salon location with names of people donating $20/month for the year of 2020. The wall will be filled with "boards" of 20 names per board. These are the 20/20 vision supporters. The money from this project will go toward our 20/20 vision projects.

The Plan

Monthly donations are what makes it all possible. When we all do a little, we get a lot! When 20 people give $20/month that equals $400/month (Or $4,800/year). That's 65 cents a day per person. That's less than the price of a candy bar! Imagine if we had 20 boards of 20 people each donating $20/month. That's 20/20 vision! What a difference we will make. For $20/day we can make a huge collective difference in something we care about deeply!

Note: Each name/donation will be prayed over daily as we see the names on the board. You will receive the blessing that comes with giving.

The Prizes

Each month we will draw prizes for everyone who donates to the 20/20 challenge. Prizes include gift cards to your favorite restaurants, free hair services, etc. Every $20/donation slot on our 20/20 vision board will be entered. Individuals can have multiple entries. So don't be shy!  

If you have something you'd like to donate as a prize please let us know.  It's a great way to advertise your business/product as we will blast it on our social media platforms.